McLaren produces the new 720s.

Since this year 2017, McLaren produces the new 720s. She succeeds the 650s. For the occasion of this car trip, MC Luxury Rental has chosen to introduce it to its privileged clientele.
Now available for rent in our agency in Monaco, you will have the chance to rent the McLaren 720s. Butterfly doors, aerodynamic thrust, low lines, this supercar has nothing to envy the Lamborghini Huracan!
By opening its doors in elytre, we discover a striking feature of the 720s namely its new Carbon Monocage chassis, it incorporates a central pillar connecting the rear section to the windshield. It is both stiffer than the 650s but also lighter.
Better still, the glazed part integrated in the upper part of the doors and a frame of refined windshield bring a luminosity a field of vision hitherto unknown on this type of car. When you rent a sports car, all the elements give you the impression of being installed in the cockpit of a fighter jet.

McLaren Automotive

According to the British manufacturer McLaren Automotive, 91% of the parts composing the 720s are new and the engine whose engine capacity has gone from 3.8 to 4l integrates 41% of new parts: turbos, exchangers, high engine, crankshaft, pistons, exhaust … The turbos are twin-scroll type, an architecture offering very low inertia to optimize the response time. Rent the last McLaren 750s in Monaco and you will discover a true racehorse.
And as at McLaren, engine and aerodynamic engineers work hand in hand, the highest point of the engine was lowered, which allowed to draw a bonnet allowing to get more air on the wing while keeping his well marked curves.
The PCC system that controls the chassis modes of the 650 has received some surprising improvements. As before, when renting a McLaren 750s, you have the choice of different modes such as comfort, sport or track. But the PPC him, uses 21 sensors (12 more than one accelerometer per wheel) to offer a better “reading” of the road. This flow of information is digested in milliseconds by an algorithm at the heart of the system that readjusts the hydraulic dampers permanently.
For even more sensations, when you rent your McLaren in Saint Tropez, there’s also a Variable Drift Control additional mode that, according to McLaren, allows you to take advantage of Sports and Track modes differently by manually adjusting the intensity of the stability control. .

MCLAREN : a modern GT

The interior pushes McLaren’s unique vision of cockpit ergonomics, surprisingly mixing the luxury and technology of a modern GT and the simplicity of a race car. . The steering wheel has no buttons, and the two knobs that control the engine and chassis modes are now located at the top of the center column just to the left of the steering wheel. The dashboard, it is downright awesome.
In Full Display mode, the TFT screen displays all the classic information of a Supercar, exotic car. And when you go into Slim mode, the main screen switches to the horizontal and returns to its housing, thus clearing the field of vision to leave room for a thin bar showing only the speed, the gear engaged, the driving mode and a brilliant rev counter, simply brilliant.

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