Luxury car rentals in France

Rent your luxury car in Monaco, Cannes, Nice, Saint-Tropez or anywhere in France.


Based in Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Paris, Saint-Tropez, Geneva, Courchevel and more with over 12 years experience in Luxury car rentals, Mc Luxury Rental society puts a whole range of prestigious cars at your disposal such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati and a lot more…We offer the possibility to get in touch with other society in order to have a chauffeur to all your events : congress, meeting, wedding depending on your demands.Our delivery car service is able to drop off vehicles everywhere in Europe and even in popular places like saint- Tropez, Cannes, NICE, Monaco, GENEVA, COURCHEVEL, PARIs...

We OFFER our customers the possibility to rent a car for the day, the week a for a longer term to get around at your convenience.We commit to offer a secured rental service with the guarantee and quality of our prestigious cars insurances. In order to complete our vehicles fleet, we expanded our parking lot to propose basic models more reachable to the average and long term vehicle rental.

We are 24/7 accessible all the year to meet your needs (hotels, yacht, villas, cars…) no matters your arrival and departure place. Mc Luxury Rental staff will do his best to bring a precise and quick reply to all yoUR DEMANDS.
Our cars are delivered clean, FULL TANK and ready to go.




Welcome to our sanctuary of automotive luxury, where your desires steer the journey. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the French Riviera, we boast an elite collection of the world's most prestigious car brands and their finest models, ready to turn your journey into an unforgettable experience.

Explore the powerful presence of a Range Rover Vogue, the elegantly sporty design of a Bentley Continental GT, or the awe-inspiring strength of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Feel the electrifying surge of adrenaline behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 Spider or Lamborghini Huracán. Sink into the unmatched comfort of a Rolls Royce Phantom or experience the ultimate blend of luxury and performance in a Lamborghini Urus.

Operating from the heart of the French Riviera - Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez - we ensure that you are always a heartbeat away from the pulse of luxury. But our ambition transcends these sun-kissed horizons. We extend our first-class car rental service across the picturesque landscapes of France and throughout the dynamic locales of Europe.

Our strategic positioning promises not just a rental, but a seamless extension of your lifestyle. We deliver your selected piece of automotive excellence to private jet tarmacs, yachting marinas, or the finest hotels - the epitome of convenience and discretion. Each drive with us evolves into a memory etched in the essence of refinement and opulence.

Complementing our spectacular fleet, our commitment to personalized, white-glove service underpins our mission to offer an experience that goes beyond the ordinary car rental. From handling your booking with the utmost precision to ensuring your entire journey echoes with luxury, we strive to provide an impeccable service.

Step into a world where the elite meet the road, where your journey transforms into an indulgence, and where premium service and prestige cars merge into an unparalleled experience. Revel in the artistry of luxury motoring with us, because here, you don't just rent a car - you own the road in style.


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