the new Audi Q5

This is the new Audi Q5 that will seduce you for this winter season 2017.
Discover in our rental agency MC Luxury Rental, the high-end 4×4 and rent it for your end-of-year holidays.
The Audi Q5 is by far the SUV that combines all the qualities necessary for the smooth running of your trips. With family or friends, it will welcome passengers and luggage upon arrival at the airport. Rent an Audi Q5 is synonymous with satisfaction.
At first, one could think of a big restyling.
But when you put it next to its predecessor, the differences are obvious, especially in profile where the side lines of the premium SUV are much more assertive. But overall, we can not cry to the revolution. This impression of déjà-vu is due to the fact that it takes a few millimeters closer to the previous dimensions by adapting the hexagonal grille that is already known on the Audi Q3 and Q7. Why this shyness? The answer of the German manufacturer Audi is simple: we do not change a winning team.
Fortunately, the Q5 is much newer than it looks. The cabin is up to date, especially with the Virtual cockpit option on the entry level. A central screen 8.3 inches tablet way on the top of the dashboard, the head-up display or the large touchpad inaugurated on Q7 with the car box. Ideal not to leave the road of the eyes during your displacements between the airport of Grenoble and the ski resort of Courchevel, or between Monaco and Cannes.
But the biggest evolutions are not visible. Starting with the proliferation of cameras, radars and embedded ultrasonic sensors that monitor front, back, sides … Everywhere!
You do not want to drive? The Audi Q7 allows a semi-autonomous driving from 0 to 200 km / h (autobahn, my friend) with a driving function in traffic jams. You drive your rental vehicle but you are distracted? This smart all-terrain car warns you and can act on the brakes or the steering if you turn left but you have not seen the car that comes in front or if you try to change lanes without spotting the car that arrives to double you. So many assistants to guarantee your safety when you rent a car.

The high-end 4×4

Rent a vehicle, it’s done to drive. Especially an Audi. Rest assured, you who like to drive, Audi has not forgotten you.
For starters, the chassis lost 90 kg thanks to aluminum. Who says weight loss says gain in agility. Another novelty, an air suspension. Thanks to it, you can modulate hardness and ride height, from 19 to 25 cm depending on the mode chosen and the driving speed.
 The size and angle of the steps down and out showed that an Audi Q5 rental with its Quattro system and lift offroad mode (high position) could cope much more than the sidewalks of upscale neighborhoods and snowy roads of the Alps, all with a disconcerting ease. You will have no reason to give up a gourmet dinner in the city of Lyon, the world capital of gastronomy.
This winter, opt for the Audi Q5 Quattro. Our team of delivery drivers will take care of the delivery and the recovery of your luxury SUV in the place of your choice, hotel in Courchevel 1850, chalet in Meribel, airport (Grenoble, Geneve, Lyon, Chambéry, Annecy …) , altiport (Courchevel, Meribel …), heliport … Rental in short or long term according to your needs. Quotation on request.

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