Rent your BMW X5

Rent your BMW X5 for your daily travel and leisure. Renting BMW X5 is the answer to your expectations. Rent BMW X5 stands for a versatile word. The tailgate is divided into two parts, the upper one allowing access to the small luggage while the lower part constitutes a platform capable of supporting up to 250kg, with a maximum capacity of 1870 liters thanks to the rear seats foldable and foldable in 3 parts the luggage compartment can also accommodate two additional seats at Mc Luxury Rental Hire BMW X5 7 seats Nice or even Rent BMW X5 in Monaco. The BMW X5 , this SUV is always the solution adapted to your needs, from the first glance the muscular aesthetic of the BMW X5 captivates the look. Its expressive front part, captures your gaze and keeps you focused with the projectors of the full led pack.

Luxury 4X4 rental in Courchevel, Chamonix, Val Thorens and Megève

Its athletic line-up gives it a particularly masculine look in all circumstances, rent BMW X5 Cannes and distinguish yourself by its exclusivity. On the road the BMW x5 holds all the promises of its aesthetic, full of confidence. Whether you prefer sportsmanship or comfort, rent BMW X5 Chamonix guarantees optimum road contact in all driving conditions by combining the 4WD technology, the intelligent box drive that guarantees exceptional safety. Renting BMW X5 Megeve combines maximum driving pleasure on all types of terrain and in all weather conditions. The experience is all the more exhilarating whatever the direction chosen location BMW X5 Méribel or rent BMW X5 Geneva you will know only one way: his.

In the BMW x5 driver’s compartment the word-masters are easy and simple: all the controls are oriented towards the driver and give an impression of clarity wherever the look arises. The numerous driving aids operate with the same precision for more comfort, the speed controller acc + with autopilot in bottling relieves you by taking control itself up to 60km / h from the start to the steering movements by way of the maintaining the safety distance it is sometimes enough to take a step back to remain alone master on board.

rent bmw x5 courchevel

The optimized aerodynamics of the BMW X5 is simply irresistible, the body redoubles ingenuity to significantly improve the performance in this matter. Renting a BMW X5 in the 3 valleys ski area will become a real delight, with the aerodynamic diffusers integrated in the skirt located at the wheel arches greatly reducing air vortices, exterior mirrors optimizing the flow of air flow. The aerodynamic blades at the rear also contribute to obtaining one of the lowest aerodynamic coefficients of the category.

Simply take a seat on board with BMW X5 at the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport or rent this luxury 7-seater SUV in Monte Carlo, Monaco to understand that true perfection is the sum of all the details his generosity. Our 4×4 luxury rental agency will offer you to rent a BMW X5 7-seater SUV and it will unveil not only through its comfortable space but also by these high-quality materials selected with the utmost care. Renting a SUV Luxury Courchevel will bring out the excellent finish, the fragrance of the finest leather and the tactile sensation offered by the precious wood generate an exclusive atmosphere further enhanced by the refined variations of the ambient lighting, the system hifi completes to place perfection within reach of all the senses.

Come and rent BMW X5 Courchevel in our agency Mc Luxury Rental will make you rediscover the pleasure of driving in the mountains thanks to its range of SUV Luxe SUV rental


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