Luxury car rental Chamonix

Luxury car rental chamonix offers give you the opportunity to make your wildest dream come true: driving a top of the range vehicle for a day, a week, or even a month of your budget allows it. There are numerous professionals offering this kind of service in Haute-Savoie. It is quite easy to find them online, where they have pictures of the different models and brands up for rent. A large range of choice is at your disposal, including such brands as BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and many others. However, if you don’t want to ruin yourself, you may want to choose your luxury car rental chamonix agency wisely. For the same price, you may be able to drive all the most recent Ferrari models, and amaze your colleagues and friends. You should compare rental prices and what they include: the make and model of the car, its maintenance state, and the terms and conditions of the contracts. Luxury car rental chamonix is most interesting on long term contracts. Renting a car like these over a long period of time is cheaper than buying one if you take into account the retail price, insurance and maintenance.

Rental 4×4 Chamonix-Mont Blanc

Rental 4×4 Chamonix-Mont Blanc over short or long periods is not just for large companies. Whether you want to stay for a few days holiday or head off on an adventure, or just get behind a 4 wheel drive’s steering wheel for a day, try heading to a local agency. These professionals have a large range of 4×4’s at your service from many different brands. They have large models that can be used for any kind of travel, or smaller models with a more luxury focused design such as SUVs. As for the brand, choose whichever one you’ve always dreamed of. If you want a 4×4 that’s comfortable and dynamic, you could try Porsche. For a secure driving experience, choose Audi, and for a long trip try a more spacious model like Mercedes-Benz. 4×4 rental is perfect for short durations holidays in this part of France without having to worry about transport. Being in a 4×4 is like having all the comfort of a luxury car with the raw power of a truck. These all terrain vehicles will enable you to roam the mountains, raid the deserts, discover tourist attractions not accessible to smaller cars, and most of all to get out of the beaten path.

Transport Geneva Chamonix

Finding a method of transport Geneva Chamonix is easy thanks to the internet. You just need to hop online to find many professionals offering transport services between these two cities, it takes about 1h and 5 minutes to travel between the two. There are agencies offering car rentals, taxis, trains, private transfers and bus/minibus that do airport to airport transfers at competitive prices. If you would like to save a bit on your budget, bus and minibus options are the best. The other ones are more expensive but better if you want more privacy. The buses have stops at strategic points to pick up and let out customers, the easiest of which is the Chamonix bus station, which is very practical for holidaymakers and businessmen who need to get down to the hotels and apartments or the shops in the town centre. You do not need to travel by plane to use these buses, you can get on at any stop you like by buying tickets or reserving on line. You can also buy tickets from the bus driver when getting on, of course these are slightly more expensive.


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