Luxury car rental Saint-Moritz

Saint-Moritz is a Swiss commune which was the birthplace of winter tourism 150 years ago. Situated in the canton of Grisons, Saint-Moritz is sunny all year round, and sitting at 1800m of altitude it doesn’t get any better for winter sports amateurs. In 1928 and 1948, the ski station even hosted the Olympic winter games. The ski station is also very famous for its healing springs. Its an uncontestable “well being” kind of place, especially now with the apparition of “yoga on snow” that can be practiced alone or with an instructor. Saint-Moritz is all about the good times and relaxation. You will be sure to cross paths with many influent people, from movie stars to singers to heads of state and even royalty, all using the luxury services you find in most establishments there. So as to look as good as possible, you’ll definitely want a nice ride. The first thing people notice about you is what you’re driving, and if you want a good way to get around and to get noticed, opt for luxury car rental Saint-Moritz.



Rental Porsche Maloja

If you’re hesitating about which car to drive with your luxury car rental Saint-Moritz, you should know that the German brand Porsche is very famous and one of the most widespread in the region, with the new Porsche Cayenne making waves in the stations streets. Powerful, comfortable and esthetically pleasing, this luxury car is the SUV you want to be driving when in the snowy mountains of Saint-Moritz. If you prefer a more sporty model, you’ll find the car you desire with Rental Porsche Maloja. For your information, Maloja is one of the districts of Grisons canton in Switzerland. Here you will find luxury car rental agencies that will undoubtedly offer you a whole range of different Porsches. As this region is very popular with holidaymakers in summer and winter alike, it is preferable to reserve your vehicle well before your stay so as to be sure to get the car you want. All you need to do is visit one of the Maloja agencies websites and follow their directions for renting a vehicle. In general, the client will rent per hour, per week or per month. Since you will find many offers on the internet, it would be good to compare them and choose the one which seems the most accessible, or has the best price-quality ratio.

Renting 4×4 ski station

There’s nothing better than relaxing and skiing for your winter holidays. Skiing being one of the best sports for staying in shape while also being great for families and groups of friends to do together. With the numerous different slopes to ski on in Saint-Moritz, it is only natural that you would need a great vehicle to be able to get to them all. For this, you can try renting 4×4 ski station here if you didn’t come in an all terrain capable vehicle. The best factor about this is that the rental agencies are well aware of what you’ll be using their vehicles for and will have made sure that it is best equipped for comfort and security. So that your vehicle can face the difficult winter conditions, they will make sure it has snow tires, as sometimes ABS and ESP systems aren’t enough to optimize your safety. On very snowy roads, you will sometimes require snow chains. You can rent your car with all the necessary equipment by day, week or month. Most companies offer lower prices for longer rentals.



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