Luxury car rental Venice

Venice is a very particular city of Italy. It is a seaboard town which extends into the middle of lagoons on the very edges from the Adriatic. The whole city is formed by three islands raised in the middle of lagoons and those are connected to the dry land by a railroad bridge. These three islands themselves are divided by channels into 117 small islands. The exceptional thing about Venice is the fact the canals replace the streets. Its famous gondolas are then the only means of transport to move effectively between each district. A quiet stroll by the sea could become your most cherished honeymoon memory. But it is not impossible to visit the capital of romanticism by car. It’ll be hard to travel the canals by car, you will be able to take asphalt or paved roads to discover the seaside and certain historical places. Even if the car is not the most natural means of transport to get around in Venice, you can look after your arrival to parties, to Salons or to business appointments while using a prestigious car. By requesting the services of luxury car rental Venice, it will get rid of the need for you to come to the city with your own vehicle. It will then enable you to visit the nearby towns by traversing beautiful landscapes on your way to Milan, Verona, Turin, Lake Garda and Padua.

Prestige car rental Saint Marc Plaza

The Saint Marc Plaza or Piazza San Marco in Venetian is the heart of the city which sees passage from several thousands visitors each day. For a little back-story, the place was the political, administrative and religious centre of the city, without forgetting that the festivals and the receptions that also took place there. Many buildings and remarkable elements are thus open to be discovered on the spot. In the surrounding neighborhoods, you will find very good restaurants, coffee shops and bars which are rather very luxurious. For a business appointment, it is the ideal place. To display your elegance, why not go with a Prestige car rental Saint Marc Plaza and thus impress your future business partners or collaborators. Of course, with the watery character of the Venetian roads you will not be able to go everywhere by car. But to get back to your hotel which is far from the lagoons you will not find a better way than a comfortable and elegant car. Your car will be waiting for you in a car park not far from your meeting. It would be best to accompany this service with a driver who will be fully at your disposal for your needs on the dry land of Venice. Your driver will be attentive to your every need and will be able to take you to visit the city and its neighborhoods if you wish. On this subject, you should know that many places are accessible by the car in Venice. From the countryside to the seaside, do not hesitate to ask your driver to help you discover the hidden beauty of this city.

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 Car rental agency Marco Polo airport

Many people have a false idea about their trips to Venice. Despite the territory being mainly composed of water and that the gondolas and the vaporettos are the principal means of transport, your arrival at the airport must be intelligently thought out to avoid the long lines of waiting to have a shuttle take you to your hotel. It is best therefore to contact a car rental agency Marco Polo airport before your departure. With luxury car rental Venice, you’ll be able to choose the brand and model you want on your chosen service providers site. Once at the airport, you do not need to worry any more about anything because your driver will deal with it all. He’ll even take care of your luggage. On arrival at the hotel, the luggage handler will deal with it at once, it’ll be as if you never even had any! Also, to make your stay more pleasant, do not forget to book the car rental on a specialized site. The process will be fast and very simple.


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