Mc Luxury Rental offers its different services all set up to satisfy your queries.

First of all, its car hire service provides a wide range of prestigious sport cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and MacLaren in all Europe from Saint Tropez to Monaco, going throughCannes and Nice. We also have a more accessible range of models (E and C class Mercedes, Mini-cooper, BMW 3, 5 and 6 series).Besides, our society offers the possibility to have at your disposal a chauffeur. The latter will dropyou off , pick you up and will wait for you in all your personnal and professional trips 24/7.

Our society also proposes a transfer service. You arrive at Nice airport and want to go to a hotel inCannes? No problem, you just have to ask us and we will provide a car driver as fast as possible with one of the car of the different ranges we have, according your choices and budget. Our company also owns a delivery cars service and a transport cars service all year and everywhere in Europe. A service provision adjusted to any event or situation.

At last, Mc Luxury Rental will assist you if you wish, in its prestigious and basic models of every important events : wedding, birthday, christening, stag party and so on.


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