Rent BMW 8 Series convertible

BMW is relaunching it, the new 8 series hyper luxury and sporty is once again part of the ambitions of the German brand BMW, so it is the same at Mc Luxury Rental. Our teams are pleased to be able to rent you this new BMW M850i, this great convertible has taken everything from the most luxurious vehicles from BMW but also the most sporty with its V8 engine of 4.This new BMW 8 Series M850i will provide you with comfort and sportiness when you rent this car, its leather interior offers all the luxury and comfort you can find at BMW from the 3 series to the 7 series. This vehicle available for rental is the perfect compromise in what everyone is looking for in a car, comfort, luxury or sport. Perfect for a long trip or a ride under the blue sky, this luxury convertible will satisfy you in any situation, so do not hesitate to contact Mc Luxury Rental to have this new BMW 8 Series M850i delivered wherever you want, whether it is in Monaco, Nice, Cannes, or anywhere in Europe.It will be very easy for you to manage this rental during your holidays since we take care of everything and wherever you are. This BMW 8 series convertible is a new model that will perfectly combine your driving pleasure with your family, couple or friends with its comfort allowing you to drive many miles in the city of your stay such as Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Courchevel or Rome.


Day (150 Km)650€
3 Days (500 km)1800€
5 Days (750 Km)2700€
Add Day480€

Brand : BMW
Model : 8 Series convertible
Number of seat : 4
Power : 523 hp
Capacity : 4395 cC
Speed max : 155 mph
Average consumption : 9.7 l/100 km
Required driver age : 18 years


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