Rent BMW Serie 4 

BMW Series 4 is the legitimate successor to the Series 3 and its competitors like the Mercedes E Class and the Audi A5 is the perfect companion combining fluidity, minimum weight and power. It will give you complete satisfaction on country roads and in town . Building on its success for 3 years now , it is ideal in all circumstances. Our delivery service is able to deliver the cars throughout Europe, France and in the largest and most popular towns such as Saint Tropez , Courchevel , Rome, Paris , Madrid, Zurich contact us by phone or email we will respond your expectations


Day (150 Km)380€
3 Days (500 km)950€
5 Days (750 Km)1450€
Add Day300€

Brand : BMW
Model : Serie 4
Number of seat : 4
Power : 241hp
Capacity : 1997cc
Speed max : 155 mph
Average consumption : 6.6 l /100 km
Required driver age : 18 years


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